Human Rights

Human Rights


Fighting various types of human rights violation does include fighting things like discrimination of any type, form and shape, just as well as institutional racism, xenophobia and human trafficking.

The world healthcare overview looks better than 50 years ago, but still seems grim for a number of developing countries – from Ukraine and Russia to Zambia and Bangladesh. With all of our disease-fighting projects at hand we aim to right that wrong!

Throughout history those who were richer helped those less fortunate, those more healthy helped those who were less. And this is the kind of message that we as a charity organization are trying to convey globally since 1923, empowering & encouraging people all across the globe!

Some of the tasks that we successfully completed:

  • New emergency room complex with eight emergency examining rooms, two trauma rooms, and auxiliary areas
  • Twelve (12) new patient rooms
  • Four new (4) labor and delivery rooms
  • New nursery
  • Heated sidewalks, driveways, and receiving dock
  • Renovation of the Radiology Department
  • The new addition totaled 47,000 sq.ft. and renovations encompassed approximately 10,000 sq.ft.

Each year we’ve got a lot of miscellaneous volunteer job offerings.
This means that we are still on a massive lookout for new talents, effective every single day of the week, all year long!

See which ones are right for you and how you will be able to help make Earth a better place to live on!
While humanity indeed made a huge breakthrough in improving all fields of our life, still even in the digital age hundreds of millions of people struggle with things as basic as freedom, food, water & healthcare.

For those concerned about the accountability, we’ve been rated the most transparent in our field. Founded back in 1923, we’re slowly but surely approaching the centenary of our charity organization. Our charity action tank is present with a strong foothold in all countries of the world, from Nauru to Djibouti. We are just like any other major charity organization in the world – trying to help everyone!